Meet the Global Targeting team committed to solution oriented administration of corporate advisory, corporate training and scholarly certification designed to improve effectiveness and efficiency 

Dr. Ron Torten, VP Cybersecurity

An expert in the field of Cybersecutirty, Dr Torten has a singular focus to help our clients design, build, and sustain world class cybersecurity infrastructue in their organization

Dr. Suzanne Richins, VP Healthcare

Mr. Sidney Yuen, Managing Director, Asia

From operating room to the board room, Dr. Richins provides a unique perspective to our healthcare clients in managing world class facilities. Her specialization is in bringing Innovation into healthcare  

An entrepreneur with the ability to connect globlal businesses with Asian markets in multiple industries. His unique approach integrates business best practices with educational institutions and global NGOs.

Dr. Stephen Boyle, Managing Director Australia

Dr. Carmen Reaiche, Managing Director for Scholar Engagement

A global leader in the field of Cultural Economics, Dr. Boyle's expertise extends into managing and integrating cross-cultural teams. As a scholar-practitioner his work blends cultural leadership, academia, festival management, and general management with the arts.   

An expert in designing and implementing project management systems, Dr. Reiche is able to integrate her knowledge in this field with strategic planning for global corporations. A gifted researcher, she adds value to the work of the academic community by creating broad based solutions and integrating them into the business world.