Dr. Suzanne Richins
Practice Lead
"In the ever changing healthcare environment, we provided the skills
to help you innovate and meet the challenges of changing reimbursement and delivery models"
​- Dr. Richins

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With the repeal of the ACA, the changes that will occur over the next years, it is imperative that healthcare leaders look at solutions that will flex and meet the rigors of the change. The iBes strategy will provide structure for the addressing these changes. It may take realignment of strategies, workflows, and patient care delivery. There may also be new reporting and performance management
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  1. Data Driven Decisions
    Imagining solutions through data analytics that help improve operational controls, patient care, and ultimately higher levels of reimbursement.
  2. Building Protection
    Provides counsel specific to data protection in an age of cyber-security concerns as patient medical files become necessary in omitting redundancy. How to best manage information sharing among service providers without risking patient confidentiality
  3. Executing Process Improvement
    Finding the right balance between data and the people we count on daily to provide patient care and front end office services. Are your systems and processes complementary to each other or working against each other?
  4. Navigating Regulatory Agencies
    Obtain experiential guidance to mitigate costly missteps in an ever changing and turbulent regulatory environment.
  5. Applying Corporate Social Responsibility
    How to get the maximum value alignment from your organizations CSR programs, while also meeting both shareholder and stakeholder expectations.
  6. Attacking Reimbursement
    A moving target, requiring expertise and attentive monitoring of fast pace shifts. What you don't today can cost you tomorrow.