Introduction to Dr. Suzanne

Brief Bio
My career started as a registered nurse in the operating room at an Intermountain Health Care facility and was soon promoted to manager with subsequent promotions that culminated in a COO position at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. Along the way, I earned an MBA and DHA. Due to the shortage of nurses with advanced degrees and the need for faculty, I started teaching nursing and business courses and continue sharing my expertise with learners around the world who want to advance their education. 

My research includes staffing models based on acuity arrivals to the emergency department, patient satisfaction, and am currently researching innovation in nurse executives and adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare. I currently serve as the Senior Vice President for Healthcare at Global Targeting.  
In the ever changing healthcare environment, we provided the skills
to help you innovate and meet the challenges of changing reimbursement and delivery models"
Suzanne Richins


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