Dr. Carmen Reaiche
"We strongly believe in collaborting with academdic communities all over the world.  We invite you to explore some of our current research efforts." 
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​At our core, we are researchers with a firm belief in applying our scholarly endeavours into the business community. We gain more from combining the efforts of like minded individuals seeking to create innovative solutions to emerging business problems. We also realize the value of developing the next generation of scholars and want to do our part in connecting them to potential mentors.  
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  1. Project Impact
    This is a global effort to measure attitudes, opinions, and disposition, of different cultures towards innovation. Essentially we seek to understand how culture impacts innovation.
  2. Entrepreneurship
    Understanding what makes an entrepreneur, how to develop and support entrepreneurship is main emphasis of this research. We also seek to understand how entrepreneurship is developed the world over.
  3. Leadership
    The many theories of leadership and leadership development is studied here. Transformational and Servant are among the most important areas of our work.
  4. General Research
    This area covers many emerging areas and will adjust from time to time. It is also place to make recommendations and perhaps we can put together a collaborative effort.
  5. Supply Chain Management
    Emerging areas such as sourcing, optimization, integration, and security are among some of the areas which impact the supply chain,
  6. Research Partners
    We work with institutions such as