Dr. Rick Daniels
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"We help your organization to tap the resident knowledge for transformational change".
Dr. Rick Daniels

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Organizational Culture Assessment: U nderstanding your exisiting culture and appreciate what is in alignment with change - and catalyze those levers
Leadership Mentoring:
To lead transformation requires personal transformation in parallel with the organizational change
Creating a Learning / Knowledge Generating Community:  
Appropriate skills and tools are necessary in order to create, surface, and distribute learnings in order to foster transformational growth at the individual, group, and organizational level
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  1. Organizational Development
    Is the organization risk adverse? - does it see mistakes as learning moments? - are individuals empowered to make informed decisions independent of oversight? do we look for what is working and build upon or are we looking for what is in need of repair? These are critical questions to understand if the organization is culturally positioned to become what it envisions.
  2. Leadership Mentoring
    How can we expect as leaders to nurture large scale change if we are not willing to create change within ourselves. As we transofrm as leaders we develop insights into the ways in which we can transform our organizations - "…letting go and allowing others to create".
  3. Creating a Knowledge / Learning Generation Capability
    Knowledge is the currency of 21st century organizations. Do not confuse information with knowledge as they are very different - information informs - but the actions we take, the results that occur, and the reflections of those actions are the assets that will drive value creation.
  4. Extending the Reach
    In today's global organization the knowledge necessary to thrive is resident in not only the organization - but it resides in our stakeholders (consumers, partners, and the communities in which we locate both physically and virtually). Tapping into reciprocal knowledge exchange with stakeholders enriches the value proposition.
  5. Sustaining & Pruning
    What are our critical assets and how can we plan to sustain them? What has aged and needs to be pruned to make room for more growth as the organization is finite in resource to develop and grow value? Learn how to craft strategies to assess and manage the portfolio and harvesting lessons learned into new ideas to begin once more on the innovation journey.